Royal Caribbean Cruise | 2016

Another reminiscent post for me, as I’ve really been itching to travel lately. Unfortunately our finances and work schedules are preventing us from doing so at the moment. But! We are saving up to go on a cruise this December, so I’m very excited for it. As we plan our cruise, I’ve thought back to our […]

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Some of My Favorite Foods

I haven’t written a blog post in a while, and to be honest, I haven’t done a ton of recording of my cooking or food adventures. Because of this, I just wanted to share some of my favorite food/recipes that I like to make. Most of these are relatively easy to throw together, so I […]

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How to Make a Cheese Plate

If you haven’t figured this out about me yet, I’m sorry I haven’t made it abundantly clear. I love cheese. Cheese is probably my favorite food. I could eat cheese every single day and never grow tired of it. There are cheeses I love, cheeses I like, and cheeses that I don’t get along with. […]

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Abacus | Dallas, Tx

Abacus is a restaurant that you have to see to believe. There’s nothing crazy looking about the place, nothing excessively eclectic. It’s just a restaurant you can go to and truly enjoy yourself every single time. The first time we went to Abacus was in 2015. My husband’s uncle told us about the place and […]

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Homemade Fruit Juice

Recently I’ve been dabbling in making juices. I’ve been feeling pretty bleh lately and my body has really been craving fruit. While I like eating fruit, sometimes I just don’t want to. But juice has sounded so good so I decided to make my own. I wanted to share some of the juices I made […]

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Lunch Meal Prep

Last week, in an attempt to save some money and eat a little healthier, I decided to do some meal prepping for the week.

I’m horrible at packing my lunch for work…

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Homemade Apple Butter

Apple butter is one of my favorite things to eat. Especially growing up eating at Cracker Barrel and eating those delicious biscuits and apple butter. I think that’s the only reason to go to Cracker Barrel to be honest. For those of you who don’t know, Cracker Barrel is a country-style restaurant that focuses on […]

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Grocery Haul

This past weekend we were out of town for a wedding, so when we got home, we didn’t really have much in the fridge. Although we were pretty exhausted, we decided to do some light grocery shopping, just to have something to eat for dinner, as well as have some food for the week. This […]

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Utila, Honduras: Experiences

I hope you all enjoyed my previous post about the food in Utila and Roatan. In this post I’d like to talk more about what we did and all that we saw. Because we were showed around the island by a local (and my grandpa and great aunt are from there), we really got to […]

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Thanksgiving 2017

It’s been a little while since I’ve made a post, but I got a little busy with work and planning for Thanksgiving! My husband and I decided to host Thanksgiving this year since we’re in our first apartment together and I love to host things. Our apartment is pretty small, but we somehow managed to […]

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