Honeymoon in Europe Part 1

Right now I’m at this point of reminiscence because I am itching to travel somewhere, but unfortunately I cannot at the moment. So I’ll just stick to the old memories I have until it’s time for me to travel again.

Last May I got married to the love of my life, Anthony. It was a beautiful beach wedding with some of our close family and friends. It was a beautiful day and a wonderful time.


We didn’t have an immediate honeymoon because we wanted to go to Europe, so we saved up for 6 months and did a Christmas adventure for ourselves. We visited Ireland, Germany, and Switzerland.
If you read any of my previous Europe posts, I had already visited Switzerland and Germany once before. Anthony had been to Switzerland before as well, but he went to a small town, Leysin, and went snowboarding. He loved it there and wanted to bring me there since he went back in 2012.

As we were planning our trip we were trying to decide where we wanted to go, there were many places that neither of us have been, but we ended up settling on some places that I had visited before that I really wanted Anthony to see:
Dublin, Ireland
Zurich, Switzerland
Berlin, Germany
There were other towns we visited while there, but these were the main cities that we stayed in. I’ll go each of them and describe our time there, as well as the day trips we took.

Honeymoon 2k16

We first flew out of Austin to Newark at 7:00am, then to Dublin. Unfortunately we had some issues with our tickets, so that caused a lot of unnecessary stress. But we eventually got on the plane!


Between our early flight from Austin to our six hour layover in Newark, and the 6 hour flight to Dublin, we knew it was going to be a long day/night.

Me being super comfy for our flight.

Airplane food on Aer Lingus. My first international flight was on Lufthansa. I think I liked their food better.
We finally landed in Dublin sometime in the afternoon and slept for several hours. We ended up waking up around 7:00pm or so and decided to get dressed and walk around the city. Little did we know the sun sets super early during winter in Europe, so we weren’t expecting it to be so dark already.


We only really spent a half a day in Dublin before we were off again on the plane to Frankfurt.

An Irish breakfast. The baked beans were different than what we were used to, but still really good!
And back on a plane…


We stayed overnight near the Frankfurt Hahn airport before taking a bus/train to Zurich the next day. At this point our sleep schedule was so screwed up that we were sleeping all day and staying up all night. It was a struggle, but once we got to Zurich we were better able to get a handle on it.

Zurich, Switzerland


One of my favorite parts of being in Zurich was the Christmas markets. There were at least three different markets throughout the city. The picture above was taken in the train station Christmas market. In the picture is a Christmas tree decorated entirely in Swarovski crystals. It was absolutely gorgeous.

The stalls throughout the market were incredible. And who would I be if there was no food involved?


For breakfast, Anthony decided to buy a Gyro and it was spectacular. I wish I remember the name of the stall who made these, but we still dream about these. We will be back for them..


At another market in the city, there was a singing Christmas tree (pictured above). It was a beautiful sight and relaxing to listen to.

We didn’t really do much in Zurich besides shop and eat. We were still somewhat adjusting to the hours, so we went out in the evenings. Not much was open around those times, especially so close to Christmas. But we did take a couple day trips to some nearby cities..

Leysin and Interlaken

The second day in Zurich, we decided to take a day trip to Leysin. Anthony went here a couple Christmas’s beforehand for snowboarding and skiing. He had been dying to go back, mostly to show me this amazing cheese place that had the best pasta dish he has ever eaten. So onwards we went.


After a couple hours, we finally made it to Leysin. Only to be disappointed by the lack of snow…


But we found the cheese place!


And boy was it delicious…


The top dish was what Anthony had been dying to get and he said it tasted the same as when he first had it. I just got fondue because how can you not eat fondue when you’re in Switzerland near Christmas time?

We still had plenty of time in the day, so we decided to take a small detour to Interlaken. Since I had been and Anthony had not, I figured it would be something awesome to show him, especially since he’s super into recreational sports.

So back to the train we go!


We made it to Interlaken!


Unfortunately I did not get any new pictures of Interlaken, but here is an old one. The sky was much more foggy when we went, and there was a little more snow on the ground. It was beautiful nonetheless. We wandered the town for a little while, bought some chocolates and a new Swiss Army knife for Anthony (that funny story will be explained in a future post), as well as one for his brother. We also stopped for coffee and relaxed before heading back to Zurich.




The following day, we took a trip to Bern. I really wanted to take Anthony here because of the Einstein exhibit in the Natural History museum. It was an incredible exhibit that has to be seen at least once in your life. As well as their permanent exhibit. If you are ever in Bern, I highly recommend it!

We also went to a Christmas market and enjoyed some hot wine before heading back to Zurich. Sorry I have no pictures, we were just too in the moment!


IMG_0452 2

Arosa was the most picture perfect place I could imagine. It was Christmas Day and we wanted to go out and do something. We figured in Zurich everything would be closed, celebrating Christmas, so I read online that the ski resort towns would be open because of how many people go for Christmas. So back to the train we went!


Because of our disappointment with Leysin, I was hoping Arosa would be snowy and beautiful, and it was! The two of us being from Texas, we never really experience real snow. It has snowed very few times throughout my 22 years of living in Texas, and even then it’s not even real snow. So it was incredible to be able to see actual snow and build a real snowman!


He was a little awkward looking, but cute nonetheless.

We weren’t super prepared for the snow, so after building the snowman we stopped in a little cafe for some coffee and a snack.


Now let me tell you something about those fries pictured above. They were really yellow, almost glowing yellow. But they were the most perfect french fries I have ever had in my life. They were crispy and tasty and magical. I wish I could have fries like that everyday. That’s one of the only things I remember from that cafe, as silly as that sounds.

After our snack, we decided to look around to see if there was anything that we could do that wasn’t super expensive. We were too poor to rent snowboarding/skiing equipment, so we were curious of what else we could do. Turns out, there was an amazing sledding course that goes down the side of a mountain, which was so exhilarating! And it only cost 30 Euro to rent two sleds!


We weren’t entirely dressed for it, but we went down the mountain at least 3–4 times. It was incredible. The first time going sledding and it trumped any future sledding I may do!

After all that sledding, we decided to check out a fondue place at the top of the mountain. I read some good reviews on it and was told that the view as the sun goes down is a must-see.


The fogginess took away some of that view, but it was still beautiful nonetheless.
Onto the food…


The restaurant was absolutely adorable! It was part of a hotel, but it was small and warm. I was excited for some delicious fondue! This place did a more traditional fondue, which I was curious to try, especially because I had only had bread with fondue thus far.


A salad with some tea for me to start, and an Irish coffee and garlic bread for Anthony.

IMG_0473 2IMG_0474

And then the food! It was so spectacular! It was definitely different than any other fondue I have ever had, but it was so worth it. Not pictured were the potatoes and the fondue itself. On the big plate there was garlic, mushrooms, onion, pickles, apricots, and this white, almost tzatziki-like sauce. Overall, it was delicious and filling. I would highly recommend this place to anyone who wants to experience some traditional Swiss fondue.

After the super filling meal, we ran down to the train station to try and catch the train. Unfortunately we missed it by a hair and had to kill an hour in the freezing cold for the next train..

The following day we left Zurich early, getting back on the train to head toward Berlin. More on our time there in the next post– hope you have enjoyed it so far!


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