Beer Tasting- The Martin House Brewing Company


I love to drink beer and I love trying new beer. I decided that alongside of sharing food recipes and whatnot, I thought it would be fun to also review beer. Especially because I drink beer everywhere I go and always make an effort to try a local beer at every new place I visit.

Well, now that I live in the DFW area, I figured I needed to branch out and try some local beers. Well, turns out that DFW has a plethora of breweries in the area and there are so many local beers, almost too many to try. But I am always up for a challenge.

Today I decided to try three beers, all from The Martin House Brewing Company. They are a brewery located in Fort Worth, Texas. They have a bunch of different beers, some year-round, some seasonal.

The ones I picked out to try today were:

Friday IPA
The Salty Lady
Cellerman’s Reserve IPA

I tried each of these beers while they were warm-ish. I rated them on a scale of 1–5, factoring in the smell, first taste, after-taste, and overall feel from it. This is all based on personal preference, so you may like these beers more than I do, or less than I do. I’ll do my best to describe what each of the beers taste like and what I liked/didn’t like about them!

Let’s begin!

Friday IPA:


6% alc./vol. | SRM (color) 3.9 | IBU (hoppiness) 59

Friday IPA is described as a “dark, hoppy, juicy” beer that has a combination of Mosaic, Chimook, Amarillo, and Simcoe hops.

One of the things I liked about this company is they use “Adventure Pairing” for the beers. So for each beer, there is a good activity that pairs well with the flavor of the beer. For this beer, the adventure pair was “Kickin’ it.”


When I first poured the beer, the citrus aroma hits you right in the face. It smelled just like an orange peel. I’m not the biggest fan of citrus-y beers, but I was willing to give it a try.

My first taste of the beer, I was not happy. It was extremely hoppy, and just overall bitter. I could smell the citrus, but I couldn’t really taste the citrus. The more I drank it, the more unhappy I was with it. I ended up pouring it out because I honestly could not enjoy it.

Overall, I would give it a 1.5/5.

The Salty Lady:


5.2% alc./vol. | SRM 3 | IBU 4

The Salty Lady is Martin House’s interpretation of a gose, described as tart and refreshing. It is also finished with Coriander to give it an Earthy taste.

I was actually really excited to try this because the guy at Trader Joe’s described it as a lime-y and salty Dos XX. And I really enjoy Dos XX on a warm day, with salt and lime because it can be refreshing.


When I opened it up, I loved the smell. I’m not really sure how to describe it, but it just smelled like the beach. The first taste of the beer as really smooth and it really did taste like a Dos XX, but better!

The adventure pairing for this beer was cliff diving, which I could see. Honestly, this is a kind of beer that I would want to be handed after running a 5K fun run or something. It is totally refreshing and the perfect drink to have on a hot, summer day.

5/5 on this beer! 

Cellerman’s Reserve IPA:


7% alc./vol. | SRM 6 | IBU 65

The Cellerman’s Reserve is a single hop IPA, comprised of 2-row and Munich malts. The cool thing about this beer is that even though it’s a year round beer, they change the hops throughout the year. This can I had had Galena hops in it.

I was a little hesitant to try this beer because of the hoppiness. Especially since the Friday IPA was super hoppy and this IBU is higher than the Friday IPA.


The smell of this beer was pretty hoppy, it was definitely the first thing that hits your nose. However, the taste wasn’t actually that bad. I expected it to be bitter, but I actually liked the bitterness of this one. It wasn’t as overpowering.

I was actually eating dinner when I tried this beer and it tastes great with leftover pizza! The adventure pairing for this beer was home-brewing. I can see it, because it is kind of a cozy beer. This is definitely something I could enjoy at home while just hanging out, indulging in a hobby.

Overall, I’d give this beer a 3.5/5!

I hope you guys enjoyed my beer tasting and review of it. Obviously this is my first time really trying something like this, so if you have any future suggestions or even any beers for me to try, I would appreciate it!


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