Nicaragua 2015

Two years ago, my husband and I went to Nicaragua to visit his family’s land. My husband was very hesitant to go, but I am always up for an adventure (and a free trip)! So I finally convinced him that we should go and looking back, I’m glad we went.

Because this was two years ago, some of the details are a little fuzzy, but I wanted to share some of the things that we did, the beauty of the country, and some of our adventures.

Nicaragua is a country located in Central America, known for its volcanoes and lakes. We stayed on some of my husband’s grandparent’s land about 45 minutes from Matagalpa. We stayed in their house for two weeks, but visited a few other places as well.

The House 

My husband’s grandparent’s house was pretty cute. While the inside was nice, it was the outside that really caught your attention. They had a huge outdoor patio, with hammocks galore.


We spent most days sitting out on the patio playing board and card games.


The surrounding area of the house was gorgeous. It was lush, filled with trees, flowers, fruits, and a beautiful view.


We even had the pleasure of enjoying fresh fruits and fruit juices.

The Land

Nearby, they had two pieces of land in which they grew their own coffee and produce. So we took a trip to one piece of land that was five minutes down the road, to explore the land, the produce, and see the different stages of coffee as it grows.


The cars were super cramped to sit in, so we sat on the roof. It was actually super common to see people sitting on the roofs going down the road because public transportation or private transportation was too tight to fit everyone.

We made our way to the area and looked at the different fruits that were growing. We even picked lemons (limes) to make margaritas back at the house!


While we were in Nicaragua, we went ziplining!

I have never been ziplining, so I was a little hesitant. Especially because the highest point was something like a mile high. It was insane.

My husband is a super adrenaline junkie, so he was extremely excited to zipline and completely fine with the heights. You can tell in his picture how chill he looks; while I look like I’m holding on for dear life– which I was.

Water Park

One day we went to this water park, type of thing. It was on a man-made lake and had different inflatable rides, a water trampoline, and some pedal boats.
The lake was kind of gross– regardless, we had a really fun time!

We even got to try some of the local beer: Toña!

Masaya Volcano and Lake Nicaragua: 

One of the days we took a trip to the Volcano Masaya and Lake Nicaragua, which was absolutely incredible.

I had actually never been to a volcano before, so I was pretty excited. It’s an active volcano, so some people in our group were worried about it erupting while we were up there (we survived, so it’s all good).

The volcano itself was huge. Pictures cannot do it justice for how gigantic and breath-taking it really was.




After the volcano, we went to Lake Nicaragua to take a boat tour and see some of the islands. We even ate at a Pirate themed island in the lake!


The island we went to was pretty small, but adorable. It also had some of the best fish I’ve ever eaten.


The Beach

We went to a beach, I’m not entirely sure where it was. It was about 3-4 hours away and we stayed for about 2 hours. Wasn’t worth the drive, to be honest, but it was nice to see another part of the country.


We also ate at a restaurant on the beach. The fish looked really good, but there were so many flies around the food it made it pretty unappetizing.


Matagalpa and San Ramon

Near where we stayed, there was a little town called San Ramon. We visited for part of the day and even got our nails done.


Matagalpa was about 45 minutes from where we stayed. We went a couple times, and while it’s not very big, it’s a beautiful town with quite a bit to do.


While there, we went to the top of a tower to overlook the town (seen above). We also went a cafe in town that had wonderful cappuccinos and quesadillas.

Enjoy some other pictures!


Misc. Stuff

Here are some extra pictures of stuff that I wasn’t sure where to include in other sections:

I rode a horse for the first time ever while in Nicaragua. It was definitely interesting and a little scary.

We also had pizza while there. The pizza is not like pizza as we know it. It doesn’t have any type of sauce on it. It had cheese and weird pepperonis. Still edible, though. And definitely nice after having gallo pinto several days in a row.


When we had breakfast, lunch, or dinner, we would gather around this awesome lazy susan. If you look at the jar on the table, there were some of the hottest peppers I have ever eaten. So delicious.

11403061_10207276283410067_2695734084548370933_n (1)

But that was our trip to Nicaragua! It was wonderful to see a new country and a different culture– especially when growing up with a Honduran family. I’d be happy to go back to Nicaragua and see more of the country and spend more time in certain areas.

I just want to give a quick shout out to my mother-in-law and her best friend for taking wonderful photos that allowed me to share our wonderful adventure.

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