Food Adventures in Dallas, Texas

This past Monday, my husband and I decided to take our day off and go around eating a bunch of food. Because it was a holiday, a lot of places were closed, and there were also a lot of people out. We had originally planned on going to a few more places, but unfortunately it was cut a little shorter than we would have liked.

We slept in and finally left our apartment around 1, took an hour to drive into downtown Dallas. The first place we went to was this awesome place called the Truck Yard.


The inside of the Truck Yard was really cool.



What a beautiful face

I chose to go to the Truck Yard because of the cheesesteaks and the different alcoholic beverages they had available. So we decided to get one cheesesteak with everything on it and two drinks: a peachy beer cocktail and a Community beer.


And if you look closely at the beer picture, there is a woof staring at us while we eat our food.


Overall, I’d give the sandwich a 3.5/5. The sandwich was big, if we didn’t share it I would not be able to finish it. The flavor was the most disappointing part. It was not as savory as I was expecting it to be, and it was rather bland. Some hot sauce definitely would have made it better.


The place itself was amazing. It was shaded and there were dogs everywhere. The beer was good and it was a great day to be out. If you’re ever in the area, you should check it out!

The next place we went to was this place called World Food Warehouse. They had a ton of spices available to buy in these huge bulk bags, as well as other types of food from around the world. They also had prepared foods, like samosas, baklava, and gyros. So we got some.


Everything was really good and wonderful! And we enjoyed the food with nothing other than a Big Red!


I would definitely go back to get some prepared foods. They also had some awesome produce and giant carrots. I wish I got a picture of them.

The next place we went to was somewhere we have been several times. It’s a little crepe shop in an Asian supermarket. We’ve been several times in the past and I figured it would be a great place to visit.

I also get the same thing every time I go- The Romeo. A simple crepe with strawberries, chocolate sauce, and fresh cream. It is refreshing and amazing.


While we were enjoying our crepes, the guy who owns the place was telling us about this Japanese market down the road that was amazing. He was pushing us to go, so we decided, why not?

It was a pretty small market, compared to the other market that we were at, but it was super clean! It wasn’t broken up into different sections, either, it was all one fluid mass of stores, prepared food, and a gift shop-type of place.

They even had a mochi bar! I love mochi and this bar had so many different types of mochi.


I decided to get two flavors– chocolate and mango.


The mango one was awesome! It had these little chunks of mango, which made it a thousand times better.

The chocolate one was not that great. It had some weird middle chalky center, which really made it kind of gross.

Oh well. Next time we go back I’ll have to try some other flavors.

And that was the end of our day! We had a bunch of awesome foods, a few okay foods, but a wonderful day overall.

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