Grand Cru Wine Bar & Boutique | Fort Worth, Texas

This past weekend my husband and I visited this awesome bar nearby where we live. I actually found this place on Instagram from one of the people I follow. The picture was of them eating a cheese plate and that sold me immediately. I convinced my husband to go and I wanted to share my experience with you!


The building itself was relatively small. Luckily, on a Saturday night there weren’t a lot of people. The walls were filled with wine bottles!


The image above doesn’t even show the entire wall of wine. There was a ton of wine, which I suppose is a great thing given it’s a wine bar.

Their wine menu is pretty large, they have a lot of options by the glass or by the bottle. But they also had the option for purchasing flights. You could either pick one of their pre-selected flights, or build your own. I’m not a big wine drinker, so I decided to go for one of their simple flights, but my husband loves wine and he went with a discovery flight.


This is the wine flight I chose. I went with Rosé because I know I like it, but I would still be able to try some new flavors. The three wines were:

  • L’oliveto – Russian River Valley, California
  • Zorzal Terroir Unico – Tupungato, Argentina
  • Torres Sangre de Casta – Penedes, Spain

My favorite was definitely the torres. It had pomegranate and redcurrant and I think that’s what made it amazing.


This is the wine flight my husband chose. He was feeling like having white wine, but couldn’t decide between building his own flight or getting something else. But he ended up choosing this discovery flight. The three wines were:

  • Rudi Pichler Gruner Vetliner Federspiel – Wachau, Austria
  • Jean Perrier Et Fils Apremont Cuvee Gastronomie – Savoie, France
  • Pajzos Tokaji Furmint – Hegyalja, Hungary

He said his favorite was the Austrian wine. I didn’t really try any of his wine, but he also ordered Prosecco for before his flight and Moscato for after his flight.


Now, for the whole reason we went to the wine bar- the cheese plate!


For the cheese plate, we ordered five cheeses, some nutty buddies (marcona almonds and pistachios), seasonal fruit, charcuterie, and then the condiments, and bread and crackers that came with the plate.

They had a pretty decent list of cheese, so you can create your own cheese plate, rather than them picking the cheese out for you. I really appreciate that because I can be picky about my cheese plates and there are some cheese I really don’t like (blue cheese). We decided on these five cheeses:

  • Brie
  • Blue (for my husband)
  • Piave
  • Manchego
  • Pecorino Romano (I think)

The cheese plate was pretty awesome! It was a one-ounce serving of each cheese. I’m not sure what the charcuterie was, I know there was at least salami.

Overall, everything was really delicious and it was a nice quiet place to hang out. We were probably there for about two hours, sipping and snacking. I didn’t really want to try any of the other food, as the cheese plate and nuts were pretty filling.

If you are in the Fort Worth area, or are near one of these locations, please go! It’s a great and fun experience, whether you’re on a date or with a group of friends.



3 thoughts on “Grand Cru Wine Bar & Boutique | Fort Worth, Texas

  1. What a brilliant place and a great way to spend an evening! In France in many brasseries the cheese platter is very standard with an array of local wines to choose from. Here in the U.K. there are many wine bars opening with what they call their Juke Box system. You purchase a card like a credit card in the bar and put money onto it, as much or little as you like. Then you can insert the card into machines around the walls to dispense any wine of your choice, taste size, half glass, full glass. Great fun. One here at Corks Out

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