Royal Caribbean Cruise | 2016

Another reminiscent post for me, as I’ve really been itching to travel lately. Unfortunately our finances and work schedules are preventing us from doing so at the moment. But! We are saving up to go on a cruise this December, so I’m very excited for it. As we plan our cruise, I’ve thought back to our […]

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Utila, Honduras: Experiences

I hope you all enjoyed my previous post about the food in Utila and Roatan. In this post I’d like to talk more about what we did and all that we saw. Because we were showed around the island by a local (and my grandpa and great aunt are from there), we really got to […]

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Utila, Honduras: The Food

I recently had the pleasure of spending two weeks in Honduras with my family. We spent 2 days in Roatan and 12 days in Utila. Our time in Roatan was just so we could catch the ferry the next day to Utila, without having to worry about timing and whatnot. Because there are so many […]

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Preparing and Packing for Honduras

I am so excited! My grandparents, great-aunt, aunt, and I are traveling to Honduras! More specifically, we are traveling to Utila, Honduras. My grandparents and great aunt grew up in Honduras and haven’t been back in a long time. I’m very excited to go and see where they grew up, explore my culture, eat some […]

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Nicaragua 2015

Two years ago, my husband and I went to Nicaragua to visit his family’s land. My husband was very hesitant to go, but I am always up for an adventure (and a free trip)! So I finally convinced him that we should go and looking back, I’m glad we went. Because this was two years […]

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Solar Eclipse Road Trip

As most of you know, there was a solar eclipse that went over North America on the 21st of August. Now, I was not lucky enough to be in the Totality area of the eclipse, however, my father-in-law (FIL) and sister-in-law (SIL) were driving up to see it and invited us to tag along. My […]

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Honeymoon in Europe Part 2

Welcome back to my nostalgic adventure! I hope you enjoyed the first part of this post. In this post I’m going to talk about the time we spent in Berlin and the last few days we spent in Dublin. I want to to ahead and point out that our last few days in Dublin were […]

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Honeymoon in Europe Part 1

Right now I’m at this point of reminiscence because I am itching to travel somewhere, but unfortunately I cannot at the moment. So I’ll just stick to the old memories I have until it’s time for me to travel again. Last May I got married to the love of my life, Anthony. It was a […]

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