Grocery Haul

This past weekend we were out of town for a wedding, so when we got home, we didn’t really have much in the fridge. Although we were pretty exhausted, we decided to do some light grocery shopping, just to have something to eat for dinner, as well as have some food for the week. This […]

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Utila, Honduras: Experiences

I hope you all enjoyed my previous post about the food in Utila and Roatan. In this post I’d like to talk more about what we did and all that we saw. Because we were showed around the island by a local (and my grandpa and great aunt are from there), we really got to […]

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Thanksgiving 2017

It’s been a little while since I’ve made a post, but I got a little busy with work and planning for Thanksgiving! My husband and I decided to host Thanksgiving this year since we’re in our first apartment together and I love to host things. Our apartment is pretty small, but we somehow managed to […]

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Homemade Granola

Granola is super yummy, but quite expensive to buy at the store. I recently started making my own granola and have found a recipe that I really enjoy. The nice thing about making granola is that it’s simple and you can make it your own. I usually start with my base– in this recipe, oats–, […]

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Utila, Honduras: The Food

I recently had the pleasure of spending two weeks in Honduras with my family. We spent 2 days in Roatan and 12 days in Utila. Our time in Roatan was just so we could catch the ferry the next day to Utila, without having to worry about timing and whatnot. Because there are so many […]

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